Stuck in a Rut? Surefire Ways to Recharge Your Workouts and Your Attitude

Reaching our fitness goals is hard work!

We set a plan and execute it day in and day out. We are pushing our bodies past its comfort zone, forcing it to adapt by growing stronger, getting leaner and improving our overall health and fitness. We do it because we are passionate about it. We love the results, and we are self-motivated to work hard.

Sometimes, we hit phases where it seems no matter what we do, we can go no further. The progress has seemed to stop and at times even feel we are going backwards. While there can be many reasons for this, there are some sure fire ways to break ourselves out of this rut and continue to make progress.

The adage “Try smarter, not harder” comes to mind. Rather than trying harder at doing the same things in our workouts and getting even more frustrated as we get the same results, it is time to try something different therefore working smarter. These changes may be surprisingly small, but can have a tremendous impact on your training and the results you see.


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