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    6 Ways To Be More Efficient In The Gym

    Are you pressed for time in the gym? We never spend more than an hour in the gym total. We get in, do our business, and get out. Clean, simple and effective. If you’re spending hours in the gym and or not seeing results, it’s possible that you are not making the most of the […]

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    1 Word That Will Eliminate Your Excuses

    I’m too stinking busy!! Seriously, that’s just where my life is right now, and there’s no way around it. Know the feeling? You’re too busy to count calories or grams of salt or fat. You’re too busy to get to the gym on a regular basis. Many days you collapse into bed at night barely […]

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    How Much Weight Should You Be Lifting?

    When you are in the gym, how much weight is too much, or how much is too little? Determining how much weight you should be lifting in the gym is a common concern for many folks, especially beginners. The answer is fairly simple, but it will require a little experimentation on your part. Let me […]

  • 6 Things Not To Do After You’ve Gained Weight

    Your jeans are a little to snug or there’s a little jiggle on the back of your arms. Maybe your muffin top has returned. It happens!! Almost everyone goes through periods of weight gain, but how you handle it helps determine if it’s a bump in the road or a major setback. Do not fall […]

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    What’s in Your Gym Bag?

    Have you ever gotten to the gym and realized you forgot your iPod or your weight belt? How frustrating is that!! The best way to keep organized and to ensure that you have everything you need for your workout every time you hit the gym is to keep everything in a gym bag. You don’t […]

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    The Best Techniques to Increase Your Intensity in the Gym

    Lifting hard in the gym is a given! BUT, we are much more than the stereotyped guy in the commercial –“I lift things up and put them down.” Sometimes, it is a matter of training smarter, not just heavier. The reason we change up workout programs, exercises, rep schemes, etc. is so that we will continue […]

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    You Need to Train Your Legs

    Leg day is both my most and least favorite day in the gym. Unbelievable, right? The night before we squat I get anxious. I get worried, I am a little bit afraid. At the same time I’m excited and psyched knowing that I will soon be headed to the gym to do something that very […]