6 Ways To Be More Efficient In The Gym

Are you pressed for time in the gym?

We never spend more than an hour in the gym total. We get in, do our business, and get out. Clean, simple and effective.

If you’re spending hours in the gym and or not seeing results, it’s possible that you are not making the most of the time you have set aside for exercise.

Here are 6 ways of the most common things that are slowing you down in the gym.

  • Socializing too much:We love our gym buddies as much as anyone else, but when it comes to gym time, make sure you and your buddy are on the same workout wavelength. That means she should be just as dedicated to an effective workout as you so you can both get in and get out (and then catch up!).


  • Going slow and steady:Not every workout has to be a sweaty grind, but if your usual workout involves reading a magazine on the treadmill — or, even worse, talking on your phone — you’re wasting your time. Speed it up with intervals so you can push your potential — and your calorie burn.


  • Not having a plan:If you’ve gotten to the gym but you’re not sure what to do, trying to decide on the right exercise can be a major waste of time. Before you go to the gym, take a few moments to plan how you should be working out. If you can’t come up with a plan, hire a personal trainer for a few sessions.


  • Taking too many breaks: Keeping your heart rate up is key to your workout success, so if your workout is full of breaks and water-fountain trips, it’s time to cut a few out of your routine. Limit breaks between intense intervals and circuits (by doing supersets) to reap your workout’s cardio and calorie-burning benefits in a shorter amount of time.


  • Goofing off in the locker room:If you’re not focused, a quick locker-room trip can turn into 20 minutes of trying to find your socks or being distracted by your phone. Keep your gym bag organized, and try to go to the gym at off-peak times if possible in order to make the locker-room stop quicker.


  • Only using the machines:Strength-training machines can help you work certain muscles, but do not use them exclusively. Using the machines at the gym means you become less engaged with your workout and are also only spot-training muscle groups — both of which are prime time-wasters. Cut your time on muscle-isolating gym machines, and use that time instead for total-body strength-training moves, like this full-body circuit workout with weights.


  • Not knowing what you’re doing:If you’re new to the gym, going in without any advice or instruction can mean a haphazard gym trip; even worse, your gym newbie status can lead you to perform moves improperly for an ineffective workout. Instead, take advantage of the free training consultation many gyms provide; you’ll be able to learn more about essential strength-training moves and the gym floor setup. You should also take beginner-level fitness classes so you can follow along and learn instead of trying to figure it out yourself; being part of a class can make the gym feel less intimidating when you’re new.


Time shouldn’t be an excuse for not getting in a workout!

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